Sugar Lab of Colorado

Artisan Ice Cream Co-Packing, Wholesale, & D2C Fulfillment


 We started out as artisan ice cream makers ourselves, crafting each batch with care, and as our business grew, we faced challenges in finding a co-packing partner that aligned with our needs. The available co-packers had large minimums that didn't suit us. Instead of settling for compromise, we decided to forge a new path.

Through a nationwide search, we discovered a facility that had previously served as a regional commissary for Cheesecake Factory. Seeing an opportunity, we transformed it into our very own ice cream factory. 

What sets us apart from other co-packers is our unwavering commitment to the artisanal process. Despite scaling up, we continue to make all our ice creams in small batches, precisely 13 quarts at a time.

Not only do we maintain the meticulous approach of handcrafting each batch, but we also possess the expertise to create all the inclusions for your ice creams. From specialty cookies to hand-burnt caramel and strawberry sauces, we have the capability to produce these delightful additions in-house. This means that when you partner with us, you're not just receiving co-packing services; you're gaining access to our repertoire of small-batch, artisan ice cream, but at scale.

Our dedication to preserving the artisanal essence while offering increased production capacity distinguishes us in the co-packing industry. We understand the unique needs of ice cream companies and are well-equipped to assist them with our specialized production services. Whether you're a fellow ice cream maker seeking a reliable partner or a business looking to bring exceptional ice cream products to your customers, our ice cream kitchen is ready to meet your requirements with unrivaled craftsmanship and a dedication to quality.


Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor our services based on our clients' needs, and these services can range from one end of the co-packing spectrum (you supply all of the raw materials and recipes; we supply the labor and facilities) to the other (we supply all of the raw materials and recipes, in addition to the labor and facilities) or somewhere in between... whatever fits your current business model.  Pricing is also tailored to each client based on needs.

Additionally, for our co-packing clients, we offer 3PL fulfillment services for direct-to-consumer shipments of the ice creams that we make for you.  In other words, we can source your ingredients, make your ice cream, and ship it to your customers, all under the same roof, saving you logistics costs and eliminating the risk that comes with moving ice cream from one location to the next.

And as an added bonus for our wholesale ice cream clients in the Denver area, we offer a complete ice cream supply service, providing everything from your cups and spoons, to your sugar and waffle cones, to the ice cream you serve, and everything in between.